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 Accelerated Psychotherapy
lasting change.


Nottingham and Online

What I Offer

If you're after a therapy that can help you make real and significant changes to your difficulties then you're in the right place.

I'm an accredited Psychotherapist with 15 years experience who specialises in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, or ISTDP for short. 


This is an accelerated form of psychotherapy that has been shown to work more effectively than traditional psychotherapy. 


Not only can results be seen quicker than traditional therapy, but research has shown that as the therapy tackles the root cause of a problem, the changes made in therapy will maintain after the completion of the sessions.

Who I can help

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I have successfully worked with a variety of different people. Below is a list of some of the difficulties I can help with:

  • Anxiety and Self Esteem.

  • Depression.

  • Stress and trauma.

  • Relational issues.

  • Psycho-somatic disorders.

  • Psychological issues that haven't been helped by other forms of therapy (Such as CBT and talk therapy).

  • Life adjustment issues (e.g complex grief).

If there is something you would like help with that isn't on the list, then please get in touch to discuss if I can help you:

What to expect

The aim of my approach is to help you see change as soon as possible. 


That means my therapy sessions are highly interactive and you will begin to make sense of your difficulties and see the steps needed to make change from the first session.

ISTDP can be a rapidly effective therapy and people will often say they get more out of the first session than they have in years of previous therapy.

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Ben helped me work through a variety of issues. Throughout our sessions he was compassionate, understanding and professional. Thanks to the work we did I’ve become more at peace with myself and feel like my whole life has changed. I couldn’t recommend him more.
Ben recognised topics that were emotionally loaded for me and helped me to work through them very sensitively but also efficiently. He made me feel very comfortable and we got through a lot in a short space of time. He is clearly very intelligent, experienced, well read and passionate about his work.

We touched on topics such as dealing with emotions, anger, anxiety, communication in my relationships, unhealthy coping mechanisms after a difficult childhood and addiction.

I felt safe, supported and respected. Ben was able to pick out the important parts of my brain dumps and offered constructive points of view in a sensitive way.

Worth every penny.
Ben has helped me make a significant positive change in my life.
I'd whole heartedly recommend him to anyone.

Want to see I how can help you?

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